Sunday, July 8, 2018


10 Questions with LOCKS

LOCKS are a waits-infused, self coined 'skeletal-blues' outfit based in North London. After playing with a variety of different bands with genres spanning rockabilly, blues, Irish trad , Celtic punk, indie and nu-folk they found themselves together writing parts of murder ballads which see gin drinkers rubbing shoulders with the damned, murderers burying bodies in the back yard and family secrets being whispered through the night.

‘Simply mesmerising’ - Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

We caught up with LOCKS after the release of their debut album Skeletal Blues recorded at RYP recordings in West London. LOCKS are playing an unplugged gig at the East London Liquor Company on the 12th July where a special LOCKStail cocktail has been made in their honour!

L.GG - Guitars, Vocals 
MM - Marian McClenaghan - Fiddle
MB - Mike Byrne - Double Bass 

Where do you go to discover new music?
LGG - BBC6 music and work, I work in a record store so we’re always playing loads of different music, new & old and from a really wide span of genres.
MM - BBC6 helps, other friends playlists, conversations with other musical folk we meet at gigs.
MB - Radio 6 Music & gigs 

What have we got to look forward to with you this year?
LGG - We’re still doing a fair amount of gigs & festivals. We just played at Rough Trade Recommends last Wednesday and had an album play back on Sunday at The Harringay Arms. coming up we’ve got a gig at The London Liquor Company on July 12th and they’ve created a new cocktail for us. There’s more gigs in the autumn too, Boardmasters Festival, Oxjam etc and we’re starting on some new material finally.
MM - We are playing an unplugged gig in the cellar at East London Liquor Company on 12th July and it includes a free tour of the distillery for the 1st 20 tickets bought which will be very special. They have even designed a gin based black cocktail for us which we named 'LOCKS, Stock and Two Smoking Gin Barrels’'. We are also playing Boardmasters Festival on the Keg and Pasty Stage on the Sunday. There may be a new tune or two before the year is out.... (or there might not lol)
MB - Starting on our second album, promoting our first. Festivals.

First song you fell in love with?
LGG - I think it was Gloria Estefan’s ‘Say’. My dad was a massive Gloria fan.
MM - 'Stay' by Shakespeare's Sister
MB - ‘He’s a Tramp’, Lady & The Tramp, when I was five.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
LGG - I find collaborating really hard, I’m used to writing by myself. I’m guessing I should work on it. Can I say Tom Waits? If he’s up for it I wouldn’t say no.

What would you most like to own on vinyl?
LGG - There’s a few I’d go for: Jamie T, ‘Sticks & Stones ,because it’s the greatest album of all timeor Shivaree’s ‘I oughtta give you a shot in the head for making me live in this dump…’ It’s so macabre and weird.
MM - Guns n Roses new deluxe Appetite For Destruction

Who are you listening to at the moment?
LGG - I’m obsessed with Cosmo Sheldrakes album ‘The Much Much How How and I’. It’s incredible, he uses some amazing sounds and layering. It’s really dark and organic and the lyrics all seem to be focused on nature & animals, he’s created this fantastical world that’s right in front of us.
MM - Vargen, Dermot Kennedy  

What’s your guilty pleasure song?
LGG - It’s going to be something like Rob Thomas & Santana’s Smooth. I don’t feel guilty about it. Who doesn’t like that?!
MM - Westlife When You're Looking Like That but I'm not totally guilty about it.
MB - ‘Summer of 69’ by Brian Adams 

What inspires you to write music?
LGG - Lots of things. Films, books, music, day to day life. I love reading so that will seep it’s way in at some point.
MM - A deadline usually 😉

What’s your favourite song to play live?
LGG - We’ve not had a chance to settle fully into some of the tracks live, but I do love Toes and In The City. I think the tracks that get people dancing or moving always makes it an enjoyable experience.
MM - The stabby bits in The Chase, it's just fun and I like playing The Family cos people seem to feel that one when it picks up.
MB - Wishbone and White Tape feel great live. The bass gets quite lively with some slapping too which is fun. I also like the intimate feel of Mirrors.

Where would you most like to play?
LGG - Growing up in the Midlands meant that I spent a lot of time in Nottingham’s Rock City. I have so many great memories from that place. I went back up recently to see Gomez’s anniversary tour and it just has the best atmosphere. I would love it if we could one day play there, it’s a really significant venue to me. 

MM - Germany comes up a lot in conversations, see like it is very good for bands like us but anywhere outside of England would be good since we haven't been anywhere else as a band. I'd love to go home too.
MB - A tour of Ireland would be brilliant, America and Japan would be amazing.