Tuesday, August 28, 2018


10 Questions with Aunt Cynthia's Cabin

Hailing from San Diego, California, the desert-psych rock band Aunt Cynthia's Cabin is comprised of Brennan Justice (guitar, lead vocals), Anthony Defreitas (bass, vocals) and Jeremy Luvaas (drums, percussion). The band delivers a unique blend of fuzzed-out, western desert rock alongside clear influences from Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane and early Fleetwood Mac.

The trio’s latest EP, Cabin Fever, is reminiscent of a long lost 60’s garage album blending dark, western tones with spacey psychedelia. The self-recording trio proves to be well schooled in the art of recording and audio engineering, using far-away room microphones, distortion and natural reverb to create their indistinguishable desert sound. The band writes, records and produces all their own music out of a garage and their private studio space.

The band have just played their release show in San Diego, CA. On the first listen of this EP we had to find out more about the band and their music.

Where do you go to discover new music?
Usually a friend will recommend a band/artist, or they will play a song that I end up liking. Sometimes Spotify will suggest a song/band/artist that I end up liking. But mostly I rely on my friends.

What have we got to look forward to with you this year?

This summer and fall we'll be doing a ton of local gigging as well as releasing our follow-up EP, entitled Mud Room. Release date of our next EP is TBD.

First song you fell in love with?

I’m pretty sure the first song I was super obsessed with was “Will you be there” by Michael Jackson. Haha.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
I’d be down to collaborate with Kurt Cobain, Jimi, Bradley Nowell, the dudes in Tinariwen, the guys in Fidlar, the guys in Brand New, Radiohead, John Lennon, David Gilmore, anyone from Zeppelin. Obviously won’t happen with most of them, but that would be dope.

What would you most like to own on vinyl?

In the "stranded on a desert island" scenario, I'd probably like to own Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon. One of my favorite records of all time. But that one seems pretty readily available these days. If I had to come up with a more rare one it would be the Live at Pompei performance by Pink Floyd. Such an awesome recording of all those songs.

Who are you listening to at the moment?
I've been listening to a ton of Acid King, their record "Busse Woods", its so epic. Really dark but really approachable, they did a great job engineering/producing that. Also the Peel Sessions record that Dead Meadow did, it was with their original drummer and recorded a while ago, so I've heard, but they released it years later and I can't get off of it. The whole thing is super room-mic'd and sludgy, it feels like you're in the room with them when you're listening to that stuff, which is an awesome experience.

What's your guilty pleasure song?

Definitely "Take My Breath Away", the song from Top Gun. I'm not even sure who the artist is, its just the song from top gun. Blasting that on the highway out in the desert or something, oh man! No one should ever hear me say this, but it's just an absolutely incredible production.

What inspires you to write music?
Waking up from a deep sleep and being in a meditative state, realizing an entire nervous system, deep breathing, eating a lemon, drinking coffee with heavy cream, stretching limbs and muscle tissue, enjoying a hike to a water falls and jumping in. Also, eating an avocado with home made Pico De Gallo topped with Valentina sauce after chugging a few cold ones, shooting guns, riding horses, surfing waves and eating cheese burgers, as well.

What's your favourite song to play live?

Anything that involves a drum solo that goes on for a minimum of the entire song and humiliates any other musician near the stage or in the crowd.

Where would you most like to play?

Another earth like planet with oxygen and a crowd of 13,000+ intelligent beings that have yet to be discovered and musically inspired. Also, Manchester Arena, the O2 arena, Alexandra palace, Earls Court Exhibition Center and Slim Jim’s Liquor Store.

Cabin Fever