Friday, August 10, 2018


10 Questions with Gypsyfingers

Gypsyfingers are songwriter Victoria Coghlan and producer Luke Oldfield (Metronomy, The Wytches, son of Mike Oldfield). Victoria’s classical training and affinity for dance music works in total harmony with Luke’s folk, rock and pop background. They recorded their debut album 'Circus Life' at Tilehouse Studios (built for Mike Oldfield), which specialises in vintage recording equipment including analogue tape machines. The duo play most of the instruments with help from Patrick Kenneally (drums/keys), Rachel Lanskey (viola), and Matt Weeks (trumpet).

Their grassroots attitude sets them a step ahead of the crowd, and their genre cocktail is turning heads and catching ears - including the like of BBC6’s Tom Robinson who fully supported them. A lot of their skill comes from the passion to perform, with highlights including supporting heavyweights James Blunt and Tubular Bells For Two on their tours, and high profile performances including Hyde Park BST and the Isle of Wight Festival.

'Hey Maria' is the first single taken from the band's upcoming second album due for release in October 2018. On the motivation behind Hey Maria, Victoria from Gypsyfingers shares “I wrote 'Hey Maria' on a beach in France road-tripping with my friend Maria. We met in a taxi at 3am in Paris and became best friends even though we couldn't speak each other's language! It’s a song about friendship, growing up and living in the moment."

The song is a perfect example of how to write an upbeat track with simple instrumentation that thrusts you into nostalgic 90’s summer daze. Opening with a crunchy drum fill showcasing Luke’s influence and love for that old analogue sound, which is heard on so many great old records, this song is set to to be a future classic too. Victoria’s positive lyrics and softly spoken verses will lull you into a sense of assurance that everything will be fine, as she takes you on her journey around France. Grab your cocktail of choice and let Gypsyfingers take you to the beach. We’ll see you there!

Where do you go to discover new music? 
V: I love watching music live... we travel a lot and always go to see live music. We did a road trip and couple of gigs in South Africa earlier this year, we met loads of awesome musicians such as Alice Phoebe Lou. I think, for example, you will really understand her music once you've see her play live. I also keep an eye out for recommendations in music magazines... If I like it, I buy the vinyl. 

L: I like browsing in Rough Trade’s record store and listening to their Top 10 albums each month. There is always an eclectic mix and always a couple of albums that I like. 

What have we got to look forward to with you this year? 
V & L: Our new single Hey Maria is out now and we are preparing for our Autumn tours. We will be in Poland for a few days and touring the UK again. Our new album comes out in October and we have more singles and videos coming out this year too! 

First song you fell in love with? 
V: Probably 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid.

L: "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal. I still love the harmonies in the intro. They are just magical. 

Who would you most like to collaborate with? 
V: David Bowie or Angus and Julia Stone…

L: I'd love to collaborate with Beck. I love his creativity and the way he crosses boundaries and mixes up genres with his music. It would be amazing to get an insight into that process or to play with his band, who are absolutely amazing live. 

What would you most like to own on vinyl? 
V: My collection is pretty good ;-)

L: 'Nevermind' is one of my favourite albums and I still don't have it in my record collection. Our drummer Pat is always crate digging and discovering some gems. He recently found a couple of EMI calibration records with test tones, which he was quite pleased with as they are quite rare. Not sure I would want to listen to those though! 

Who are you listening to at the moment? 
V: I've been listening to Fink, Fismol and Paul Simon this week.

L: We are finishing our album right now so I'm listening to a lot of Gypsyfingers! Apart from that the most recent record I bought is the new War On Drugs album. 

What's your guilty pleasure song? 
V: Disney… but I don't feel guilty

L: Psycho Killer by Talking Heads? Sort of an odd guilty pleasure to have. 

What inspires you to write music? 
V: Anything from an article in the paper or magazine, to a conversation with a friend, a photo or painting, and sometimes just touching base with how I feel. Our song ‘Half World’ was written about current situations of refugees, their unimaginable suffering. 'Circus Elephant' was inspired by an article read of a successful rescue operation to free an Elephant from a circus. I felt so sad for her! Hey Maria was written for a friend of mine I met in Paris at 3am in a taxi…

L: Its just something I do. I'm constantly humming or whistling or hearing music in my head. This morning I started humming and out came a bass line that I thought was really cool so I recorded it on my phone to work on later. There must be a subconscious melting pot of music bubbling away somewhere in my mind. 

What's your favourite song to play live? 
V: It depends on the kind of venue really... I always feel really calm when we play Steel Bones, probably because its the song we know how to play the most. But our song 'Quit the Game' (which will be on our second album) is awesome fun and I do an enjoy an opportunity to go a bit nuts on stage…

L: We have a new song called 'Quit The Game' which I love to play. It is a defiant song which has so much positive energy and a big guitar solo at the end so always goes down a storm. 

Where would you most like to play? 
V: We've played in some really fantastic places already, and I love the diversity of the venues and cities we play at ... as long as we can keep going, I'll continue to live my dream. But obviously to head line a huge festival would be the ultimate dream come true...

L: There are bigger venues which would be amazing but The Albert Hall would be a dream come true.

Hey Maria out now!